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Grand Claws Mystery Box Grand Claws Mystery Box
Grand Claws Mystery Box
Grand Claws Mystery Box

Grand Claws Mystery Box


Grand Claws Mystery Box
Hunt for Autographed Logan

$60 + Shipping 
$60 Value Guarantee
No Risk High Reward box run

1-4 Pops Per Box .. Limited to 60 Boxes
Max 2 boxes per order. No limit to the number of orders. 

All boxes are individually packed, sealed, and ready to ship.

Details: You will get: 1-4 pops. Chance at Grand and Top Hits from the picture. Note that not every box will include an autographed pop or a top hit, all boxes were individually packed using the same size boxes, and the top hits in the run were placed at random. The top 6 boxes are valued between $100 and $400!!!! The rest of the boxes are valued between $60 and $90 PPG value at the time of boxing (Aug 6, 2023).

The Grand Hit is X-men Logan pop, Autographed by Hugh Jackman, Beckett Authenticated, valued at around $400 based on sold ebay listings. The Top Hits include a number of NFT and Fundays Freddys, including Freddy Megazord (Valued at $270 PPG), and Freddy Funko as Bugs Bunny (Valued at $200). The top grails will be in Pop Armors, hard stacks, or vaulted vinyl protectors. 

Pops conditions are 7.5 and higher, some of the older pops might have minor wear and tear, but all pops are in great condition and coming out of our personal collection or collection we acquired from other local collectors. 

We use value for all pops. 
US ONLY SHIPPING. International Shipping is not available at this time. 

No returns, Sold as-is. Discount Codes can't be used with mystery box orders. 


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