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Condition Guide

Condition Guide

We are in box collectors, so we know how important condition is for all collectors out there. Since we want our friends and customers to have the best experience with us, we grade our pops very carefully as we list them to ensure we give you the closest condition rating as possible.


We use a scale of 5 - 10 rating for our pops, with 10 being Super Minty. 

In general, we do NOT list any pops with significant flows, dents, or tears, where it's no longer presentable in box. We ONLY list pops (or other collectables) in the condition that we would collect ourselves. Keep in mind that most of the pops we list are coming out from our collection, so the majority are already in (in box) collector approved condition. 


Suppose pops has any damage, like minor flows or shelf wear. In that case, we try to add a separate picture for that, otherwise, the general rule of thumb is reading our product descriptions for condition notes and more importantly checking the images we post to determine condition yourself -- we take our time capturing many photos. And We do it very carefully with high quality for your convenience.


Below is a general outline of what each grade will look like and the damage we consider. If we grade a Pop with a half grade (example: 7.5/10), that means it has flaws that qualify it as a 7, but it presents better than the technical grade in our eyes:


10 - We will never call any Pop a perfect 10, so a 9.5 is the highest grade a Pop can receive on our scale.


9 - A nearly perfect Pop. A 9 will only show 1 or 2 barely noticeable flaws that are visible only upon close inspection.


8 - The box will be very presentable and will show very little wear. The box may exhibit 1 to 3 minor flaws.


7 - The damage to a 7 will be far more noticeable, but the Pop will still present well. The box may exhibit 1 to 3 moderate flaws.


6 - The box may show 3 or more moderate or 1 severe flaws. 6 is the level where the defects on the box start to become more visible, and the visual presentation is compromised.


5 - This is where things start to get ugly. A 5 will have 2 or more severe flaws but still, be somewhat presentable.


*It is rare that we will grade a Pop lower than 5. If we deem the box as a four or lower, we will usually pull it out of the box and sell it as 'Out-Of-Box.' 




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